Dragon King Construction Group became Japan Takachiho - "Silas" wall material sole distributor in China
Date:2015-3-18 Hits:9770

Dragon King [News] February 11, 2015, King Long Construction Group and Japan Takachiho (Takachiho) Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, China signed the "" Silas "China distributor agreement."

Dragon King, chairman of Mr. Chen Xiangeng Construction Group, which Mr. Zong Jun Group Vice President and General Manager of Japan Takachiho Corporation, Mr. Hill Yukio attended the signing ceremony.

Under the agreement, the Dragon King Construction Group became Japan Takachiho (Takachiho) "Silas" wall material sole general agent in China.

This time, King Long Construction Group and Takachiho (Takachiho) joined forces, either for or against the construction of King Dragon Chinese consumers, has a very important practical significance.

Micro Knowledge:
Shirasu (Silas) is a unique volcanic soils formed from magma, has a special structure and composition of natural materials. In Japan, this material products, building materials and diatom mud wall materials, zeolites and other similar same ecological building materials called "tone decorative wall material in the wet." Implementation of the standards of such materials is very strict, in addition to the provisions of this type of building materials have a basic physical properties, durability and fire resistance and other security features, but also must have a healthy performance, environmental performance and comfort of sensual performance. The introduction of co-Shirasu-kabe (Silas) wall material, with strong air purification function, while the composition of natural ingredients, but also greatly reduces the environmental impact and pollution.
Takachiho Shirasu-kabe called "breathing wall"
Ancient lava shirasu containing fine particles, such particles with a variety of functions, including deodorant, humidity control and air purification function. This wonderful natural powder helps to create a comfortable home environment, this is an artifact unparalleled.

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