20 anniversary of the construction of the group photo collection activities 20 anniversary, the construction of the group photo collection activities
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Now we collect 20 years (1995-2015) all the photos you and the king!
Whether you are a person, or a partner, or you are living or working inBy the interior space of the decoration of the scene,No matter you want to Sun Yan, Sun Jia, sun old photos,Even if you have seen the scene of the King Dragon model,As long as it is related to the scene of the moment, anything that has touched you, regardless of inspirational,warmth,Funny, playfully,Not limited to! Come out and bask in the sun! There are huge prizes waiting for you oh!

We need to photograph + text + contact a photo, as the story of the evidence;

A word or some words, about the story in the photo;
One can accurately find your contact information; (reward payment contact) to participate in two ways
1 in the Dragon King micro channel number back public reply directly picture + text + contact (need to focus first on the public platform to send, concern with the search King Dragon Construction Group added attention or long press the following two-dimensional code recognition and attention).
II or, send your photos + text + contact;
Activity time:
July 13th -8 month 1 (20 days)
Tips for gifts:
1, the need to have a complete submission, including photo + text + contact;
2, photos, text and the theme of this activity is more relevant, more opportunities to get;
3, the clarity of the picture, the text exquisite degree;
4, we praise the original, if a violation of other people's copyright, portrait, reputation, etc., and all the legal responsibility of the resulting from the photo providers themselves;
5, the activity touches the award, the growth award, the sharing the gift not to repeat the gift oh;
20, within 6 days after the end of the event announced the winners, announced the list, the gift will also be synchronized to start issuing oh!
20 touches prize: a value 5000 yuan of interior design and construction of coupons, by King Dragon Construction Group Design and Research Institute provides high color value design services, and professional decoration 20 years of experience in the Dragon King team to provide reliable construction services (gift vouchers can be transferred, the limited area);
20 growth Award: high force custom pillow case 1 (color, material were issued, excluding pillow), You Jinglong construction group, soft outfit company carefully tailored.
100 share the award: Japan imports to dispel the smell dehumidification volcanic ash shot 1 bag, placed in the wardrobe, shoes cabinet and other space, my mother will not worry shoe smelly! .
In the photo collection activities, # should reply in the background can purchase putty + contact #, and surprise!
Background reply # should # Leroy putty purchase + contact top 10 can be obtained free of charge should be Leroy brand high-quality wall waterproof putty materials must is limited 24 bag! First come first served! Are you What and so on! Other people can get the price of the purchase price oh!
The Dragon King construction group should Leroy brand
Product characteristics:
The use of inner wall, water, environmental protection, free grinding, construction time and material saving, worry
Product guarantee:
Through professional inspection, and obtain a patent certificate
Discount purchase limit:
24 bags per person (25KG),
For the 100 square meters within the size of the house decoration
Market price: 32.5 yuan / bag
Offer price: 25 yuan / bag
Discount purchase time:
July 13th -8 month 1 (20 days)

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