JingLong hotel golden horse award the 14th China hotel industry company
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Enjoys the reputation of "China's hotel industry for the first event" 2014 annual meeting and the 14th China hotel "China hotel golden horse awards presentation ceremony on March 20, grand theater was held in guangzhou. Delegates from a global hotel and catering group chairman of the board of directors and executives at home and abroad, experts and scholars, and the mainstream media and so on more than 2000 outstanding people attended the festival. Was established in July 2013 JingLong hotel industry service company with guangdong JingLong construction group of strong comprehensive strength and decoration design industry leading position at home and abroad, its advanced management idea, the high quality professional service level every won "the 14th China hotel golden horse awards - China's most development potential hotel management company" award. JingLong hotel industry at the same time the company general manager Mr Wang ping was awarded "the 14th China hotel golden horse awards - China hotel industry professional managers one gold medal". China hotel golden horse is one of the most authoritative hotel award, is recognized as the "Oscar" in the hotel industry awards. The premise of a symbol of the hotel industry, is the highest honor in the hotel industry, by the media as an indicator of industry development, winning enterprise in the industry a monument to the industry. As a newly established hotel management company, can this is not only for the company won this award for the height of the comprehensive strength and service level, but also for the company in the domestic industry status for sure, for future development has laid a good foundation.

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